UnLearn The World Interview with Wonderful Post

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“Writing is human nature. We’ve been writing for centuries, millennia. It roots us back in our humanity.”


In our Meet A Creator series, we highlight some of the amazing people who volunteer their time and artistic skills to make Wonderful Post for someone facing isolation or adversity.

Throughout the short films, we’ll talk all things creativity, from how the creator got to where they are today, to their process and inspirations, as well as all things snail mail.

In this episode, we meet UnLearn The World, an MC, producer and hip hop educator born and raised in New York City. We talk about the first time he knew he wanted to rap for a living, and what he digs about writing with a pen and a notepad. He also performs an impromptu Wonderful Post rap! Check out his website and his Instagram. And listen to his music, because it’s amazing - we’re massive fans here at Wonderful Post HQ.

For his Wonderful Post, UnLearn was paired with a disenchanted secondary school student in the UK. He wrote a personal, uplifting, motivational message which drove home to the student that life is a journey, and tough spells are only temporary.

Big thanks to Sarah Arnold and Hip Hop For Change for making this film possible.

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